Fenugreek Powder

Fenugreek seeds have a pleasantly bitter flavour and strong aroma, which adds a lot
Dehydrated-Fenugreek-Powder of value to subzis, dals and other dishes, when used in moderation. While it is used whole in many preparations, it is added as a powder to many. Since the fenugreek seed has a hard shell, it might be soaked or roasted before powdering. Roasting also enhances the flavour and aroma, making the powder all the more desirable.

How to Select
• It’s always better to buy whole seeds and then grind them at home for maximum taste, and also to avoid contamination.
• Buy uniformly sized and yellow coloured seeds with maximum aroma for this purpose.
• If buying readymade powder, choose a good brand. Check the seal and use-by date before purchasing.

Culinary Uses
• Fenugreek seed powder has been used as a spice by the Indians and Chinese for centuries. It adds to the taste of curries, gravies and other preparations.
• Fenugreek powder is sometimes used to impart a maple-flavouring to confectionery.
• Flour mixed with ground fenugreek makes spicy bread.

How to Store
• Unlike the seeds, fenugreek powder can lose its aroma quite soon.
• Hence, powder in small quantities as and when needed.
• If required, store in an airtight container, unrefrigerated.

Health Benefits
• Fenugreek is known to have great medicinal properties, especially for cleansing the body, decongesting the lungs, controlling cough and improving immunity. Using a powder of fenugreek helps to quickly prepare decoctions and other medicinal concoctions.
• Fenugreek powder has been used fairly extensively by lactation consultants to increase milk production in nursing mothers.
• A teaspoon of fenugreek powder had with a glass of warm water on an empty stomach, it helps to control blood sugar levels.
• A concoction of fenugreek powder with lime juice and honey helps to stimulate the appetite.
• A tea made with fenugreek powder, sweetened lightly with honey, helps soothe the stomach and to relieve headaches too.

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